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How to get the best deal when trading with Chinese suppliers

A lot of people believe when they are buying from Chinese suppliers is what they see is what they get. The reality couldn't be further from the truth.

It takes a tremendous amount of research to grade quality from a supplier for instance how many people can rate the quality of metal say aluminium or an electric motors possible performance. And not to say the quality of every other imaginable material that is used in products coming out of China.

The human element plays a major part in trying to get the perfect relationship between supplier and purchaser.

Having an understanding of the Chinese and the way they do business is an important element of success in buying from Chinese traders. We have Chinese speakers in our organisation and  all our principals have extensive travel experience in China and Asia generally as well as high end business qualifications. Even being able to read Chinese documentation can put you at a big advantage when it comes to negotiations.

These are the seven important points:

  1. Research the products value (not only money).
  2. Research the material used in the product
  3. Research the people and attitudes
  4. Work hard at developing trust by both parties to the deal
  5. Research the company you are working with history
  6. Deal with companies that have embedded IT systems
  7. Have good logistics at both side of the purchase 
It's a lot to get right that is why Kopara Trading can help www.kopara2trade.com

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